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Academic Planner 2019-20

April 2019

8-April School Re-open

10-April I-II Colouring

20-April Calligraphy I-VIII

24-April Keeping Healthy (Fruit Activity) I-II

27-April Hands on Activity (Book Mark) I-VIII


May 2019

4-May                         Hands-on Activity III–V (Kite)

8-May                         Fun Party I – II

11-May                       G.K. & S.S Quiz I–VIII

16-May                       P.T – I

24-May                       Show & Tell I–II

July 2019

1-July                          School Re-opens

3-July                          Formation of Clubs & Houses I–VIII

6-July                          Spellathon I – II

10-July                        Hindi-Poem Recitation I – II, Swearing in CeremonyIII-VIII

13-July                        Thought Competition III-V, Science + S.S. Quiz VI-VIII

17-July                        Introduction I – II, Club Activity III-VIII

20-July                        Poster Making VI-VIII

24-July                        English Poem Recitation I – II (Club Activity)

27-July                        Hands on Activity (Flower) III-V,  Debates VI-VIII

29-July                        P.T- II

August 2019

5-August                     G.K. Quiz I-II, Mehandi Competition VI-VIII

7-August                     Calligraphy I – II, Club Activity III-VIII

10-August                   Flag Making I – V, House Board Decoration VI-VIII

14-August                   Rakhi Making I – VIII

20-August                   Grammar Quiz III – V, Bohr’s Models VI – VIII

23-August                   Janmashtami Celebration 

26-August                   Singing Competition VI – VIII

28-August                   Hindi Story Telling I – II, Club Activity III – VIII

31-August                   Solo Dance VI – VIII, Introduction I – II

September 2019

4-September               Club Activity III – VIII, Colour Hunting I – II

7-September               Drawing Competition I – V, Hindi Debates VI – VIII

23-September             Half Yearly Examination

October 2019

10-October                 Solo Dance I–II, S.S & Science Quiz III – V

14-October                 Solo Dance III – V, House Board Decoration VI – VIII

16-October                 Paper Folding I – II, Club Activity III – VIII

19-October                 Candle Decoration I – II, Plate Decoration VI – VIII

23-October                 Show & Tell I – II, Diya Decoration III – VIII

24-October                 Rangoli Making

November 2019

2-November               Hindi Dictation VI – VIII

6-November               Shapes Colouring I – II, Club Activity III – VIII

9-November               Hands on Activity I – II, Hindi Dictation III – V

13-November             Hindi Poem Recitation I – II, Club Activity III – VIII

16-November             G.K Quiz III – V

20-November             English Story Telling I – II, Club Activity III – VIII

23-November             Story Telling III – V, G.K. Quiz VI – VIII

27-November             ABC Activity I – II, Club Activity III – VIII

December 2019

2-December                P.T – III

2-December                I - Pre-Board Examination (Class X and XII)

7-December                Spellathon I – II

9-December                Club Activity I – VIII

14-December              Singing Competition III – V

16-December              II - Pre-Board Examination (Class X and XII)

18-December              Club Activity I – VIII

21-December              Collage Making VI – VIII, Christmas Celebration I – II

January 2020

13-January                 PT – IV

22-January                 Club Activity I – VIII

25-January                 Spellathon III – V, Grammar Quiz VI – VIII

29-January                 Introduction I – II, Club Activity III – VIII

February-March 2020

Annual Exams            Subjected to the Schedule for Board Examination